Dependent Only COBRA Elections




  • Leighona Curry

    I really think this process needs a re-do. I think it would be much easier to simply be allowed to use the existing COBRA management tool to track the data. I understand that carriers assign the dependent their own account, but it's much more work to have to add a "fake" employee record when the person was never an employee. It adds to the count for census data and who knows what else when all we really want is to track cobra enrollments.

  • Melissa Wert

    I agree with Leighona

  • Olga Graff

    very useful add 

  • Nancy Giacolone

    Yes, this could really use an upgrade.  It is particularly confusing when both the employee and spouse elect COBRA independently.  This should be managed from the employee level so that reports are accurate.  

  • Kathy Aranyos

    I understand the rationale behind the system requirements as it follows the carrier logic.  However, I agree that doing this distorts employer reporting and has been having a huge impact for me doing the 1095s.  My thought is to add a check box under employment.  NON-EMPLOYEE - check that and also add a layer under the ACA Statutory Classification of Non Employee.  This would allow us to flag COBRA as well as Spouses of Retirees who get coverage under the plan until they reach age 65 and would let us remove NON-Employees from reporting purposes.

  • Rachelle Maddaloni

    This is very important - it's been a struggle to get the COBRA participants coded correctly and accounted for in reporting as well as the 1095 form production. Would love to see some enhancements in this area!

  • Todd Gilmour

    This needs to be completely redone. It is unusable in many cases.

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