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  • Dargroup100

    "Notes are now classified as either company or employee notes.  Adding notes is easy!   Go to the company home page to add a company note.  Go to the employee home page to add an employee note."

    Are company notes supposed to show on the employee home page?

  • Dargroup100

    Also, is there a way to create one note to share with all companies, and have it viewed by all employees?

  • Cherie Marks

    Company notes cannot be shared with employees and do not show on the employee home page.  Only employee notes are shared with the specific employee.  We are working on creating a note that can be shared with all employees in a company, but we don't have that yet.   

  • Jonathan Chavez


    I have attempted to upload a note to an Employee and even though a check mark appeared next to the document file while adding the note I do not see the note posted to the employee's page. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.  

  • Cherie Marks

    Jonathan,  I will contact you directly to get specifics on your scenario. 

  • Scott Hellmuth

    Has the Add a Document feature for notes been updated so that HR can share documents with employees? As an example, I have an HR person that would like to share the dependent eligibility verification form with an employee. How would this process work?

  • Cherie Marks

    Yes, HR can upload a document to an employee note with the enhanced HR license.  It also includes the workflows and broadcast news to employees.  This can be licensed for all companies within an agency, or on an individual company basis.  

  • Candius Stearns

    What about employees who want to upload an expense report to HR for approval can this be done? If not can we get it added?

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