Employee Compensation: Salary and Hourly Rate




  • Kathy Aranyos

    Can't wait

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  • Sarah Kline

    If ACA hours tracking is being used, is there any way that since the hours are being uploaded that the Hour per Week field can tie into this field to autocalculate?

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  • Cherie Marks

    Sarah, that's a good idea!  We aren't using the imported hours for ACA because we would need to work through more details to implement correctly.  Since the Hours per Week drives the Annual Base Salary, and the Annual Base Salary drives income-based benefit calculations (when there isn't an Annual Benefit Salary), few need to make sure we are updating correctly. 

    What is the period used?  Rotating 12 months?  Coinciding with plan year?  Coinciding with calendar year?  How do we handle someone not employed a full year?  If hours weren't imported for an employee for a month, how do we know if there were no hours, versus hours haven't been imported yet?

    These and other items are not difficult, they just need some thought and careful planning on what all the available options would be to implement.  This would be a good idea to take to the enhancement list for our consideration. 

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